Whether you need NVH analysis (Noise, Vibration, Harshness ), Crash and Durability simulations, product optimization or studies based on DOE, BIEFFE PROJECT is able to offer advanced and tailor-made solutions to meet your calculation requests.

In the field of NVH, we have the know-how to conduct detailed analysis to evaluate and improve the acoustic comfort of products. We use sophisticated simulation and analysis tools aimed at a more enjoyable driving experience by identifying and reducing unwanted noise and vibrations.

As for the Crash , we carry out simulations and analyzes that permits us to evaluate the structural resistance of the products during impacts. This allows us to identify critical areas and make the necessary adjustments to ensure maximum security.

Durability is a fundamental aspect in the design and production of products. Through advanced analysis and simulations, we evaluate the existence and reliability of components under different conditions and identify weaknesses, in order to make improvements and ensure optimal lifetime and performance.

Supported by our expertise in Optimization, we use advanced algorithms and tools to improve the efficiency and performance of products. We optimize geometry, materials and manufacturing processes to maximize performance and reduce costs.

Finally, we use the DOE ( Design of Experiments ) methodology to conduct scientific and experimental studies in order to enhance production processes and identify the optimal configurations of influencing factors. In this way, we obtain an improvement in terms of  quality and efficiency of the products, minimizing costs and development time.






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